05 August 2016

A Quiet Friday Night

Friday night, my girls were at a lock in at one of our libraries. They had been anticipating this event for the whole month of July. My husband had to work that night and my kids gone for 6 hours, I was alone with just the cats and the dog. It was just us. The animals paced around for about an hour searching for the girls. They just couldn't figure it out, then they came and sat with me in the Family Room/Classroom. I was able to sit and listen to a book on tape (they can be borrowed online and played on phones or tablets or whatever you put the app) and knit. I worked on big things that I hadn't worked on for some time. I enjoyed the silence and the time alone. Time that meant I didn't have to be available to anyone, but the animals. They sat on me, near me and they all got along. I was able to be me, not mom, not wife, just me. To many that may seem harsh, but when you are mom or wife all the time, you need that little bit of time where you can be silent and listen to God. It was a nice evening. I didn't even get onto the internet.

When my girls were little, they wouldn't sleep, they fought sleep all the time and I told them constantly, we are boring and they could go to sleep and nothing would happen. That is basically what I do I enjoy the silence. For the first time in a long time, I didn't feel alone, but I was alone.

What a great way to get ready for the new school year. School will be starting for many on August 11th. I will be starting my girls then, too. We have so many things planned already for this school year.

Painted Desert Sunset Afghan
Granny Square Afghan - This is listed as a Granny, but is different than the ones I used to make all the time, so I want to make some and see what happens.
Traditional Cable Knit Afghan - The picture shown with this pattern is all white, but the cables are very pretty.
Lego Block Afghan
Checkers Game Afghan - it is actually suggested for use as a picnic blanket
Country Star Afghan - This is such a beautiful piece of art and I would love to have a few of these in different colors for my girls.
Comforting Kitty Afghan
Prairie Star Crochet Afghan
Colorful Chevron Afghan

Crochet Book Bag - this would be good for my girls. They love to read and they carry books with them everywhere.

Dish Cloths/Kitchen:
Blooming Flower Dishcloth

Geometric Designs:
Crochet Squares Curtains
Geometric Crochet Afghan
Old Maid's Puzzle
Hexagon Motif

Kimberly Mitts - These are very pretty cabled, fingerless mittens.
Zimtstern Mitts - these are fingerless mitts and they are knit different from other ways that I have made mitts. This is a challenge piece.

Freddy the Froggy
Bearies - when I first looked at these, I thought of this food that my cousin ate when she was in China for a business trip. She took a picture and I thought it was pretty cute.

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