31 May 2015

Really old stuff (and some new)

Getting the really old stuff off my FB. FB started a "On This Day" and old things that I couldn't find are popping up. So now I will remove to my blog so I can really find them.

Crocodile Stitch Love Cushion
Mini Crochet Amish Puzzle Ball
Moogly Blog Hookin on Hump Day # 47
10 Free Disney Pixar Crochet
Lion Brand Graduation Owl
Lion Brand Graduation Bear
Lion Brand Graduation Bookworm
Moogly Blog Sock Monkey
A-Z 26 Free Animal Patterns
Frog Patterns
Moogly Blog Unicorn Patterns
22 Summer Crochet Patterns
Silver's Sock Class - best directions for learning how to make a sock.

Science Behind Victims of Pompeii
Printables for Plant Cells 4-6 Grade
BJ's Homeschool Encouragement
50 Math Books to make You Love Math
Oobleck Science
Microbiology Unit Study

32 Places to get free Kindle books

Granny's Fried Cornbread

100 Wise Words for Everyone

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