14 May 2015

Middle of May

We are in May and my mom is still in the hospital. She has been there since March this time. She keeps getting somewhere and then she has a new problem crop up and she is getting grumpy because she cannot have what she wants when she wants it. She continues to ask for prayers, so we keep praying and asking for prayers for her. I have a lot on my FB and need to clear it quickly so I can get to KY to visit her and bring her her meal that she desperately wants.

Black Cat Door Stopper - It is from Lion Brand
Father's Day Presents from Red Heart
Fruity Trivets
Country Charm Dishcloth
Moogly Free Patterns for Cat Lover's
Crochet Rainbow Booties

French Toast Casserole
Funnel Cake

Dual Credit Homeschool and College
Zoo Field Trip Animal Sheets
15 YouTube Science Channels
9 Fun Math YouTube Channels
Middle To High School Reading Lists
8 Science YouTube Channels
Gross Science Experiments
How To Start Homeschooling
Targeted Math Instruction
Little Known Facts of Presidents
How to Plan a Free to Nearly Free Homeschool
5 things I wish I knew before starting homeschooling
History through Movies
Curriculum Through the Library
25 Ice Experiments for Hot Days
Teaching Electronics

Other Things:
Vietnam Memorial Wall
No Dig Flower Bed
How To Print E-books - good for people who homeschool and need some pages for the kids to actually write on.
Urbancrest Baptist Church Prayer Wall If you need prayers, you can request more to pray for you and yours.
Words to "Who Am I" by Casting Crowns - With all the Driving, I have been listening to different things, this song really spoke to me.
Video to "Who Am I"

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