10 April 2013

Not Me!

I live in a house with 3 little girls, 1 husband (that I love dearly and owns his messes), 1 dog (who hides from hers) and 3 cats (who blame the dog). I try to keep a clean house (cleaning between homework and sleeping people), but get very frustrated when Not Me comes over.

Anyone old enough will remember a cartoon (found on the funny pages) called Family Circus. I loved those little kids. It was a family of about 3 or 4 kids, 1 dog and 2 parents. Whenever someone did something they knew they were not to do or did not want to get into trouble over, Not Me was present. Not Me was a terrible child (portrayed as a non-gender specific child) who was always to blame for messes and trouble caused.

Well, Not Me is in my house! I really want to send that kid on a trip to the moon! Who left the towels on the floor in a mess? Not Me! Who left these dishes laying around? Not Me!

Not Me needs to go home and not return to my house until he learns some manners!

My kids haven't yet figured out, that I am nicer when I hear the truth over a lie! Who left the towels on the floor? Answered by, "Me, and I am sorry." Would get well come help me clean this mess up. Not Me, gets, "When I find that kid, his butt is out of this house!"

My BIL and I were trading notes. He has one little girl, and when something goes missing or there is a mess, he asks, "A, where is my broom?" He usually hears, "I don't know." It would be frustrating to hear that all the time, but that Not Me Kid, is a rotten kid.

I guess we all have our own issues in life. I will keep Not Me and he gets his I Don't Know. But really, if anyone sees Not Me, would you let me know. I need to talk with his mom!