09 April 2013

Reading List Update

A - Aesop's Fables (finished)
Around the World in Knitted Socks
Amigurumi World: Seriously Cute Crochet
A Deadly Yarn
American Sniper - Double Dip for the Military Reading Challenge
B - Band of Brothers (still working on it) This one counts in the Military Reading Challenge.
Big Book of Knitted Monsters
C - Circular Knitting Workshop
Cast On, Kill Off
D - Dyer Consequences
A Deadly Yarn (Almost Finished)
G - God Has Better Things to Do Than My Laundry.
Grimm's Fairy Tales.
I - I Funny by James Patterson.
I Love Knitting
J - The Joy of Sox.
K - Knit One, Kill Two.
Knitter's Book of Socks
Knits for Nerds
Knit Your Own Cat
Knit Your Own Dog
Knitting Into the Mystery
M - Maze Keepers.
Middle School Get Me Out of Here
Murder of a Bookstore Babe
N - Needled to Death.
Noah's Knits
Never Knit Your Man a Sweater
P - Prayer Shawl Companion
S - Sasha, Extraordinary Daschund
The Silence of the Llamas
T - 200 Hundred Crochet Blocks
U- Unraveled
Currently, I am still reading the Band of Brothers book (on my Kindle). I also borrowed (limited amount of time to read it) Banished (about a young woman who grew up in the Westboro Baptist Church). I started Moon Spinners (another knitting mystery book). I am reading Cooking with Hot Flashes (on the tablet).

I need to read a book for the letters: E, F, H, L, O, Q, R, V, W, X, Y, Z
I have not finished much in the knitting and crochet list, mostly because there wasn't much time. My DH and I took our girls to Derry, PA, Gettysberg, PA, Rockville, MD and Washington, DC for Spring Break. Girls had a blast. Tomorrow, I will share some of our photos from the trip. It was good to get away and see my BIL and his family. He is a great host and girls already miss him and his daughter.

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