10 April 2013

Vacation to the East Coast

We took our girls to Rockville, MD (a Metro ride to Washington, DC), to spend some time with their cousin (our niece) and my bil. The girls had the best time together. We stopped in Derry, PA where you can find the Hershey Chocolate Factory, the Hershey School (for under privileged children) and many other things.


Milton Hershey Statue with one of "his boys." Then we went on to Gettysburg, PA. For those who may not know American History, it is one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War and after the North won, President Lincoln came out to this field to make a speech (Fourscore and 7 years ago).
 Did you know that you can take a car tour?
 You go to the gift shop and get the CDs and play them while you drive from stop to stop and let the kids get out and run. On the way they learn some very interesting history.
 For instance, this was originally only set up to remember the Northern troops that fought. But as years went past some of the Southern troops were remembered.
 This site is seen from the top of a very big hill with lots of rocks!
When we finished looking at all the things we could see at Gettysburg, we continued on our journey and went to Rockville, MD. We spent Easter with my BIL and his girlfriend, their children and my DH's family (aka sisters, brother, father). It was a good time. My DH and I went out and got a couple of games to play with the children (it was a bit rainy outside) and we had a great time visiting with my BIL and his girlfriend and their children.
The next day, we took the Metro in Washington, DC. It was the time of the Cherry Blossom Festival, the Egg Roll on the White House Lawn (only for a few children).
There were only 2 trees seen blooming that day. But that was okay. We went to one of the Smithsonian Museums (Natural History) and walked all around. The girls really enjoyed riding the Metro and they loved the museum. They had fun.
The next day, we took the girls (plus 2) to the National Zoo (again by Metro).

We saw the Panda bears and we saw cheetahs. We saw some other animals, but due to time constraints and tired children, we didn't see very much. So we went back the next day.
We rode the Metro again. I really like the Metro. Less frustration than trying to drive through madhouse traffic and get to reduce mileage on my car and use less gas.
We saw many more animals and went through the Reptile House. This place you have to stand in line and have to be let into the house. We saw Gorillas, but they kept their backs to us. We saw the elephant house (they have Asian elephants).
It was a short visit, but a nice one and the kids had a blast. It was nice for my niece to have her cousins come to her house for a change.

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