20 March 2012

Still Catching up....

I thought tonight would be a good time to share more of the things I finished since I posted in January 2012 and today.

First I finished:
This is a sample afghan block I made to show people things they could make, when I was employed at Michael's. I brought it home and then this year, I attached it to a homemade pillow (that is where you take some fabric and make a pillow and then I attached my block. The pattern is from Red Heart and is called Liberty Square Afghan Square

Hats: Don't know what I was thinking making hats for my girls....it never got cold enough for them to use three or four in a week. These are Loom Hats. Quick and Easy and large yarn.

Scarves: Again, what was I thinking...usually we have some snow and the girls play on the hill with sleds and get wet and need many hat, scarf and mitten changes, not this year. This is something I threw together adding beads and the putting a cross in the center (over the neck). The grey beaded one with the cross, is for my neice. The other two are Brilliant Zig Zag Scarf from Lion Brand Yarn.

Purses: I made one for each of my girls. I just finished the older girl's purse and then I made one for a little girl at the school who is going through a hard time. The one in purple is from a book called Knitting: Learn to knit 6 great projects by Anne Akers Johnson. The green one is something I was playing around with to make a wider purse and give it more stability on the handle, also added buttons and changed row starts.

Cowls: One goes to a friend, the other is for my youngest....can you see how much she loves it!

Finally, Dishcloths: I made more than these, but these were the ones where someone wrote some wonderful patterns down for me to make.
The blue dishcloth is Hummingbird in Flight by RaAnn Clegg. The red one is Year of the Dragon 2012 by Kathleen Brundige of Aunt Kathy's Place.

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