31 March 2012


At our house, we have been very fortunate to have 3 cats. But yesterday, one of our cats, who has been looking really bad and just not doing well, started pooping and puking at the same time. I took him to the vet and the bad news, is that he has kidney failure. This was his final picture ever. He was put down on 3/30/2012. We only have a guess on his age. We think he might have been 13. We rescued him from the street, when we were living in Kentucky. He had been severely abused and required a lot of care to get him better and trusting. But he came to us as a loving cat. After I had my first child, I was trying to get up (I had had an emergency cesearan section and so getting up was difficult). My husband was changing the baby's diaper to bring her to me (I was nursing) and I looked over at the door and the cat had his paw under the door trying like mad to open it. He kept me company in the late hours of the night, while my husband was at work. He entertained me with his antics and loved me, no matter what happened. He will be missed. Here is his final resting place. The girls helped me gather stones to put over his grave and flowers to mark his place.


  1. Our pets are so precious to us. When you lose one it is so painful. Sending happy thought's your way.

  2. Thank You, Sheryl. Houdini the first (the one pictured above) has been replaced in a way with Houdini the second. He showed up over the summer and we were going to find him a home, but my DH and the girls wanted to keep him and so after he had a heat stroke we did. He keeps going out of the house which upsets the girls. But we keep him and search for him.