16 March 2012

My Dad is So Funny

I have been working on a new scarf for my Dad. It is using brown wool/silk mixed yarn. It is the Debbie Macomber book pattern of Cable Sampler Scarf. It is taking me some time. For many reasons: 1. I need to be alone. Every time someone talks to me when I work on it, I lose count and have to frog a portion or tink back a bit. 2. I can only work on it at home. I have the pattern in a binder along with other patterns that I want to make and in sheet protectors to keep it a little safer. 3. I am rarely home and/or alone. But I am making progress. So for my mom's birthday, I made her some mittens (my first ever attempt at mittens). The mittens are from a book by Michelle Edwards. The Pattern is called Quick and Easy First Mittens. and a scarf using mohair in the Universal Scarf Pattern. Because of this my father came over to my knitting bag (which held his scarf in progress and my mother-in-law's 2nd prayer shawl. He started pulling things out of the bag to search for his scarf. So today, for awhile I will work on his scarf some more.

But to show what else I have finished since my January post:
My mother-in-law received 2 prayer shawls from me. Both are the same color and one was something where I was just playing around with yarn overs and the other was one from Debbie Macomber book, also, called Triangular Prayer Shawl.
I finished a prayer afghan for a little boy who has cancer of the kidneys. Talking with the man who knows the family, the little boy is just so very strong and grounded.
I finished a Clown that I made my niece. I have been working on this for what seems like forever, but is actually just years.
My middle daughter doesn't like to take care of her hair, but she loves to wear headbands. I refuse to buy any more for her because she doesn't take care of them (notice a pattern), so Luciana from Facebook shared a pattern that she likes to use called Arrowhead Lace Headband. I made a few changes the most basic being a smaller needle so it would be a little narrower.
If you belong to Ravelry, you can always find me and check out the things I have made.

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