05 October 2011

81 Days until Christmas

Really, it is getting so very close. I have so much to do in that time. I didn't need the extras. My middle DD has a UTI. A very bad UTI. 8 year olds are not supposed to have UTI's that bad. Then the pharmacy gave us the wrong drugs. I caught that or it would have been an overdose for her. To take things and go over the top....my dishwasher broke. The buttons stopped working. Called in repairman, he replaced that part. 2 days later, it doesn't work at all! Nothing, nada. Handwashing 3 sets of meal dishes a day. That does not include all the cups that my DDs and DH use. They get a new glass for every drink. So I have many, many sets of dishes to wash throughout a day.

To make sure that my middle DD gets better, I have set my phone alarm to go off every hour, so I can get her to the bathroom. Otherwise, she would pee in bed and then I would have to clean her and the bed up in the middle of the night. Still trying to decide which is worse. Getting up every hour or letting her just pee in bed (remember UTI).

The repairman is here now trying to figure out what is broken on the dishwasher to make it not work. He says he is going to order the parts needed to fix the broken dishwasher, I think this is obstinancy on his part because he installed the part that is broken.

I am still plogging along on the Christmas gifts. I had to take a break on them to make something special for a little girl (who goes to same school that my oldest DD goes to) and her father (diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease). I made them both a little pocket purse with a prayer square and a cross attached for them to keep with them. I gave this to the pastor (who lives 2 doors down from me) and he is going to bless them. Then they were going to give it to the woman who works at the school with the little girl. Then we are going to see what else we can put together for all the family. But I am uncertain. I have so much to make yet for Christmas.

Scarves, hats, afghans, more and more and more. But I have 81 days.

Also, Oct 16 is DH's birthday. He is going to be 50! So we are working on the plans for that special day celebration.

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