15 October 2011

Trick or Treating with the Dinosaurs

We have Kings Island Passes and go often enough that we are making out really well. We take the kids, ride some rides and play in water (when the water park side is open). We also go to their Halloween celebration. In previous years it has been in a section that was open to the public and free.

This year, they moved the stuff into the area where we had to pay to get in. They called it Trick or Treating with the Dinosaurs. They built this area with animatronic Dinosaurs and charged $5 for people to get in. It is worth the money, but is an area that one trip through is enough. I was really upset that they were taking advantage that way. So I took a bag for the candy and apples also. Granted most would be sent away to nephew and I ate the apple (good apple). But it seemed that they were holding it hostage because they weren't able to generate the revenue to make back what it cost to build this area.

It seems that people went in once and that was all they needed because you walk around and once you have seen it, you've seen it. It doesn't change. It is too big to change it around every other month or every other week to make it interesting. So people came through or just went to COSI (which also had a animatronic dinosaur exhibit and was free to anyone holding a museum pass). Or they saw a similar exhibit at Cincinnati Museum of Natural History exhibit. Very interesting and free. So why would they go through more than once when they could see it free in other places.

So where I would have taken the girls to Kings Island at least 4 times before Halloween, this year we will only go once. Where I would have bought them something special on the way out of the park, I didn't that money went towards the Dinosaur Exhibit.

Will we go to the exhibit again next year? No, definitely not. We saw it. I took photos, it will be the same dinosaurs again next year, don't need to see them again.

Sorry Kings Island, but you just didn't research this as well as you could have. Someone sold you a bill of goods about how Dinosaurs are a draw and people would pay to see them, but that just was not the case. Why pay when it is free other places?

Maybe over the winter they will do something with that area or put in something else. Who knows, but this was just not a paying concern for them.

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