19 July 2011

My Life for two days was a series of Ray Stevens Songs

My family and I went to my cousin's funeral on Monday and Tuesday. We spent a night at a hotel, because of the distance. We took the elevator up to the room and got right off and there was our room (We had the room right near the elevator). Across the hall from our room was the ice machine and soda machine (across from the ice machine). I heard the elevator and ice machine all night long. It was a very long night. My girls were very funny sleepers. Suddenly they would sit up, look around and flop back down. They squirmed, they wiggled and they moved.

When we went to the layout, we arrived just as the storm moved in. We were inside listening to the thunder and watching the lightning and the lights went out (I ain't sitting up with the dead no more.....the thunder crashed, the lightning flashed and the chains round old Uncle Fred went snap). When the electric came back on, the sirens went off. In the area where I live, we don't pay attention to the sirens. Probably because they go off when there is a storm, but no tornadoes sighted. Up there they sirens go off when there is a tornado. Everyone got very worried. The men who worked at the funeral home (very nice men) went to listen to the news, to see if we needed to move to the basement (all of us)!

Then I called my friend, Margaret (It's me again, Margaret). I needed to see if she could watch my girls when we got back home. My mil was rushed to ER Monday morning for shaking. She is thought to be having a seizure. I have questions, but I have to funnel them through my husband since it is his mother and his sisters may answer him. They only answer me when they feel like it. I think they are also mad, because they asked questions for my DH and I typed in his responses and so they think I am the one saying these answers.

I think I am going to go listen to some more Ray Stevens and see where else his songs applied to my life for the past couple of days.

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