05 August 2011

"Life is a Spiritual Journey,....

and, no, we're not 'there' yet." - Keely Chace

My girls and I have been on many journeys recently. We have been to many places to get them out of the house and playing. I took them to the Christmas in July at EnterTrainment Junction. They loved it! They got to meet Santa and Mrs. Claus. They got a cookie from Mrs. Claus and got to tell Santa what they wanted. It was so nice!

We saw my mil for the first time in about a month. She was very mean the time before that with the girls and they actually refused to see her. I will not force them to go because I don't want them to dread going every single time. But it was her birthday and I felt that we should go and I promised that it wouldn't be for a long time. She was out of her room and a much nicer mood, but they hung back from her. They were still so uncertain. But they got to see my mom and dad and their dog. They got to see my friend's mom and dad and their cat and then they got to see my sister and her youngest DD. My darling neice. That was a good time for them.

We went to two churches on Sunday, a Lutheran church. I had to work there that morning. It was my turn to make the coffee. Then we went to the Baptist church that we have been attending. My neighbor is the pastor and I really like the service and the bible study time.

Monday, I took the girls out for awhile. Then we came home and watched some movies. Tuesday, my DH and I took the girls to Sunlight pool at Coney Island (an amusement park in OH). They loved it! We were there for such a long time that they all got burned.

Wednesday, I met my friend and her kids and my nephew at the museum center and went through the museums and closed the place down. They really enjoyed that!

Thursday was the PJ day that the girls wanted and we watched Scooby Doo and Harry Potter.

Friday, play time at McD's. Saturday is coming and I know that we will probably stay at home. We have been watching some old tv shows on Netflix through a gaming system. the girls think it is funny that these were the shows that their dad and I grew up on. My husband and I marvel over the price of gas back then. In 1971 and 1972 the price of gas was $.36 a gallon or less or more depending on the filming areas. Such a major difference between today at $3.69 or more a gallon. Got to love those old fashioned shows!

I am looking forward to church on Sunday. I just don't know where we will be attending that day.

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