06 November 2014

Halloween is over

I haven't handed out candy to kids for a very long time. This year my husband decided he wanted to hand out candy, so I did. We used the candy that he bought, tootsie rolls. There were a lot of teens, walking around collecting candy and they were complaining about the candy they were getting. They had out their cell phones and were texting and talking as they collected candy. I have a problem with this as my oldest, at 12, is considered too old to trick or treat. My middle, at 11, is also viewed as too old to trick or treat, because she is so tall. Then these same kids, who were older than my girls, had the nerve to complain that they didn't like the candy we were handing out. At this point, I am told the kids that they didn't have to take the candy and could move on. Suddenly they were realizing that not everyone would give them candy when they are 14 and up!

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