02 September 2014

Goodbye, Buster, You Will Be Missed

Thursday morning, my beautiful, 16 year old cat, Buster came up from the basement with thread coming out of his butt. Since we couldn't get it out and felt that this was an issue, we called the vet. We took him to the vet and then we left him there for 5 days and nights. We went to visit him every day that the vet was open and loved on him frequently, but we were not able to bring him home. Today, I had to make the decision. He had stopped eating and was still unable to go (the reason he couldn't leave the vet office). The vet, a very wonderful woman, and I discussed what was going on. Due to the expense, his age and all things, she agreed to do an exploratory surgery on him and if there was something very minor wrong, she would fix it. If there was something really wrong (what she was thinking...cancer), then she would just put him down. She called this afternoon and gave me the bad news. My beautiful loving cat, Buster, was put down this afternoon, with Pancreatic Cancer.

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