18 August 2014

Borrowing E-books from the Library

I recently decided I wanted to try borrowing books from libraries, just by going online. I had a little trouble understanding, so I went to reference desk at the Washington-Centerville Library. The woman who helped me was wonderful. You choose your book or author (under advanced settings) and the format you use (Kindle, since we have Kindles and Kindle apps) and then you let it search for the book(s) and then you choose to borrow (or wait for it to become available) and then tell it to send to your Kindle (type in your email attached to your device) and then turn on device and it is there. One very important piece of advice, do not borrow more than you can read in 2 or 3 weeks. My biggest downfall! I want to read it all, but I am still a mom and my kids don't like me reading.

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