30 September 2014

Injuries and New Kitten

My youngest has been falling down a lot lately. She keeps injuring the same knee and has had to spend some time in a wheelchair (the injury was that bad).
Nicole fell while walking the dog and did this damage to her knee. The swelling was so bad she had to stay off her feet, a lot. This was just before our trip to Washington, DC (my brother-in-law got married and we went to celebrate). 
After we returned from MD, VA, WV and DC, she was walking and running as normal, but she fell again. This time she hurt her knee, her hand and her face. She even did damage to her glasses. She is still limping and it is a week later. But she does not slow down. 

Before we left, we had to have our oldest cat put down. He had cancer. Our hearts were broken and we missed him a lot. He was a really good cat and slept with the youngest. After we came back, we went to the vet's office and found that they still had a kitten. They were calling him "Miles," just so he could be tracked for veterinary care. He was now ill and needed medication and no one wanted him. So we took him, but we named him, "George." 
He has some beautiful coloring. He is a very sweet, little 3 month old kitten. He has been very playful and Houdini even likes him. But my female cat (6 years old) is not fond of him and hisses and growls. I figure after some time she will start to like him and love him as we do. He makes us laugh and he is helping to heal our broken hearts. He sleeps with the girls, when we are upstairs and he sleeps with me when I go upstairs or if I fall asleep in a chair. He is a good little kitten and he takes his medicine very well. 

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