24 February 2014

Homeschooling, E-Schooling Links

Since I started e-schooling my girls (and yes, that is what I am doing so that I have a teacher back up for when I just cannot get a child to understand something), I have started saving links to things that could help them and others who are traditional B&M (brick and mortar), e-schooling or even homeschooling.
"Fear is the greatest disabler. Fear is what keeps children from realizing their potential. It needs to be replaced with a feeling of I-know-I-can-make-progress-if-I-keep-trying-and-boy-do-I-ever-want-to-do-that!" Dr. Edward Hallowell
Link to Place for Science Experiments to do at Home

Links for Kitchen Science
Fun History Teachers
Wordle - Word Clouds
50 Facts about 50 State Capitals
What makes a Halo around the moon
Fortune Teller Spelling Great way for kids to review their spelling words.
Fun Ways to Practice Spelling
Maps that can Be Printed
Cow's eye dissection (yep, pretty gross)
500 years of Women in Western Art
Literature Based Word Lists

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