05 March 2013

More FO's

For those who do not knit or crochet, FO = Finished Off.

About a week ago I finished a baby bib. It turned out pretty cute. The pattern is from Bernat. It turned out pretty cute. The colors are soft and mixed with white. I still need to add a button, but it is nice and I am uncertain who I will give it to.

Also, I finally finished my mother's Christmas/Birthday present. I think I will need to make some fingerless mittens to it or a hat. Not sure which and depends on how much of this yarn I have left. It is called an Irish Hiking Scarf, and is a very simple 8 row repeat pattern with a simple cable in it. Love this and think I might make a few more to give as Christmas gifts this year to people I like who did not get one last year.

Now for the list of WIPs:
1. Chunky Crocheted Basket (for my middle daughter).
2. The Absolute Last Frilly Scarf (for my youngest daughter).
3. Hogwart's Scarf (for my friend Margaret).
4. Prayer Shawl (for Resurrection Lutheran Church Prayer Shawl Ministry).
5. Thorny KAL (need to get this one started. Not sure who will be recipient).
6. Love Birds (just something fun to make).
7. Granny Slippers (for my youngest). If they turn out well, I will be making several pairs.
8. Crochet Hook Caddy (for a friend).
9. Needle Case (for friend).
10. Needle Holder (for friend).
11. Wrap (for me. My friend gave me some yarn so that I could make myself a wrap).
12. Granny Square Afghan (There are many in progress. I really need to finish a few).
13. Floppy Dog (need a minimum of 6 or 7 for daughters and neices).
14. Cross Afghan (for donation).
15. Holden Shawlette (for RAK gift for friend).
16. Socks (getting started on learning. Have one on needles, need to make several).
17. Circle Afghan (for DH. I have a good guy. He may frustrate me, but he is good man and I love him and he loves everything I make for him).
18. Baby Monsters (again for fun).
19. A rug (for bathroom).

I know what a list, but that is where I am at. I will post pictures as I finish something off. I would really like to get things off this list. This is just way too many things to be working on all at once, but that is what I do, I start things and have them all over. I have things to take with me, but then I have things to work on only at home.

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