21 April 2012

Started Toe up Socks

I noticed something about myself. While I enjoy being around friends, I like small get togethers. More because I can hear what people are saying. I am hearing impaired and I have never really liked big parties with lots of noise. I like the smaller get togethers. As such, I enjoy being by myself. I love to read and knit and crochet and cross stitch. I have things sitting out that I am working on and want to finish. Going to have to see what I get finished next, especially since I started working on a toe up sock. I started with a sock for my middle daughter. More because she is easier to get to come and let me fit her. I think once I have hers finished the other two will be easier to fit. We will see. Middle DD is so excited about the socks she is funny. My husband loves her enthusiasm and said, "Mom is making me love socks!"

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