07 April 2012

Spring Break 2012

Spring Break came into our lives. We stayed at home and took day trips. One day we went to the store and went shopping. We bought clothes for the girls. I also renewed all our memberships....YMCA, Zoos, Musesums. We use them a lot!

Tuesday, we had some play time with friends. The afternoon, we took the girls down to the zoo. My husband took them into the zoo and I ran errands. Easter Bunny errands. I also took my Dad his new scarf. He loves it. Wednesday, I worked on laundry in the morning and took the girls back to the zoo in the afternoon. They were having a special show. My girls wanted to see the show, but we were sent to the wrong place by the young man on the gate. We did meet up with friends who also came to see the show and were sent to the wrong place also! We did have a good time and I got some nice photos of the flowers blooming all over the zoo!

Thursday, I did some shopping for Easter. I am making a ham and some other things to take down to my father-in-law's house for Easter. I needed to shop and the girls wanted to have a pj day. They love having pj days. They rested up for Friday.

Friday was a big day for them. We went to COSI and the zoo in Columbus, OH. COSI I met a very wonderful woman and her family. They are from Cincinnati area. We talked about school and how kids sometimes don't have all the good things other kids have. We talked about traffic and driving and occupations and how some co-workers can make a job great or He double toothpicks on earth. We also talked about how we expect kids to respect us and our rules. It was a nice time in the lines at the museum. I took the girls to lunch at Five Guys. Five Guys is a really nice burger joint where the burgers are so very good and you fill up and don't need to eat for the rest of the day (at least that was how I felt). My girls love to go to Five Guys and all of them will eat a burger from there! Then we went to the Columbus Zoo. They participated in the scavenger hunt and got some treats from the Paws and Claws. I could tell they were getting tired because we had a lot of crying that night! After we left the zoo, we stopped at McDonald's on Sawmill that has a play area. (On an aside, I love play areas....my children love play areas and it is sad that play areas are going to go away). After that, we drove home. My girls were so tired they fell asleep on the way home and then went straight to bed and fell fast asleep!

Today, we just spent more time at home. Then went to the YMCA to have some water time....them in a pool, me in a hot tub. It has been a good Spring Break.


  1. LOVE the swan photo! very nice timing ;-)

    1. Thanks. Sometimes it seems it is just dumb luck. Especially with the kids saying, "Come On, Mom!"