03 April 2012

More digging

My middle daughter has been very quiet following the death of Houdini. She hasn't cried openly and she hasn't said she misses him. But daily, she has gone out to the flowers, pulled some up and put them on the grave. I promised the girls that we were going to get some flowers to put on the grave. That is what we did today. We stopped at the Lowe's on the way home from the zoo (girl time with Daddy, while Mommy shops for Easter present). We picked out a lot of flowers. Since it was getting dark, I didn't take photos, but will tomorrow (if it isn't raining). We made a mound on the cat's grave and placed 3 flowers (pink, blue and purple) on the grave and several around the grave and more in the yard. We are going to put some more dirt in the front yard and some mulch and then more flowers on Mother's day. So we are just beginning.

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