14 June 2011

Ever feel like a Character from "The Peanuts?"

In dealing with my husband and children, I am feeling like a character out of the "The Peanuts." When I was growing up, my sister, brother and I loved to watch anything with Snoopy and Charlie Brown. I felt a lot like Charlie Brown or his little sister, Sally. These days, I am feeling a lot like the adults in Charlie Brown, where all that was ever heard from them was "Wa wa wa wa wa wa." I tell my children something and they say, "WHAT." I repeat myself, and then demand that they come to where I am for the next repeat. They argue with me and then refuse to do what they were told to do and then I am yelling at them. I often feel that the only people who understand my words are my friends (women), because my husband makes me feel like a Charlie Brown adult (wa wa wa wa). So just wondering does anyone else feel the same way that you are speaking some foriegn language to your DH or DD or DS? Just wondering.

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