07 June 2011

Secret Languages

I recently acquired a Texting Dictionary with lots of little definitions for short terms used frequently. My favorite is BAG - Busting a Gut. I borrowed a book from the library called The secret Language of Knitters. I found some very useful terms. For instance, FROG POND is described as a place that unloved UFOs and WIPs go to await their froggy fate. These places tend to be bottoms or backs of closets.
FUN FUR: acrylic yarn that is not fun or fur. Hides mistakes and doesn't allow you to frog it.
FROG: The act of ripping out knitting (i.e. rip-it, rip-it).
KAL: a knit along, a group of people working on the same project at the same time. It can be online or in person. Allows for support on projects.
KIP: Knitting in Public. This is the act where someone (a knitter) sits somewhere publicly and knits from a KIP bag.
LYS: Local yarn store...or local yarn pusher. A place where a knitter can go to get their yarn fix or help on a project or even just to be with other knitters.
SSS: Second Sock Syndrome. The problem caused by finishing the first sock and not starting or finishing the second sock.
SEX: (my all time favorite) Stash Enhancement Expeditions. This is where the knitter goes to an LYS and adds to their stash.
STASH: The knitters collection of yarn.
TINK: a way of going back to a mistake stitch by stitch or unknitting (knit spelled backwards).
UFO: Unfinished Object. Something you have started but have not finished. I have many of those. I really need to finish them this summer.
YARN CAKE: a skein of yarn that has just come off a ball winder and is easily stored.
YARN PORN: A term used to help describe beautiful photos of yarn. Sometimes spelled pron to keep dirty minded individuals away from a blog.

What are some of your favorite new words...texting or yarn related.

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