05 November 2015

November and I am Already Sick of Christmas

The Christmas music is something that I love to listen to, but the Christmas Movies are over the top. They started showing Christmas movies on Halloween! So it is 5 days into November and I am already tired of Christmas. My husband is different, he loves Christmas. But he doesn't do the shopping or the cooking. I do the shopping of presents and I do the cooking and the baking and all the other little things. After getting majorly ill again at Christmas and having the Christmas tree on the ground many times over the season (2 weeks for us) and several broken ornaments, we have come to the agreement that we will keep up a light strand tree. The lights are pretty no matter when it is and the cats don't climb it! This is really important. We have 4 cats now, and 2 are "tree" cats and 2 are "bush" cats. "Tree" cats climb and like to be up high, looking down. "Bush" cats hide under things and look out. So this is the best for our family. I will continue to bake for Christmas as this is a lot of fun for the girls and we are able to give cookies and candies to members of the family and they mail nicely, too. I will make a nice meal on Christmas for my husband's family and we will celebrate together. This will be our first Christmas without my mom. I don't know what we will do with my family for Christmas, but I guess we will cross that bridge when it comes to us. But I think decorating stores for Christmas before Halloween is over and long before Thanksgiving really turns me off the season. I hate shopping for that day and I hate spending money in places where people will kill you getting into and out. But I will always enjoy the music. Besides, November we have a lot of birthdays. Some of my friends need to be celebrated and my daughter, dad and I need to celebrate also.

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