11 November 2015

Collecting more Links

I have been busy. I have been busy reading. I have been busy knitting or crocheting or counted cross stitching. I have been busy cleaning my house. I have been busy finding interesting things that I want to come back for cooking or something. But I have been busy caring for my ill children. It is nothing serious, just something that keeps them from feeling their best. When that happens, I tend to focus more energy on them and making lots and lots of soup. Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup, Homemade Potato Soup (the favorite), Homemade Garlic Soup. These are also really good meals for when the days are cold, too.

Great British Baking Recipes
Chocolate Crazy Cake

I started a blog to put up my mom's recipes. These recipes come from all over and she would send them to us via email whenever we asked for a specific one. I wanted a very specific recipe and in order to have access, I had to agree to type up her recipes and make them available to my sisters and brother. Her name was Barbara and this is her collection of recipes. What I love about this blog set up, you can choose how you look at it. You can choose it to look like a Magazine or choose flip cards (my favorite) because then you can look by date or by label (yep, I used labels). Author is always going to be the same, since I have all the recipe cards or papers that she had. In some cases the recipes were used a lot and sometimes they are hard to read (her handwriting) or they are incomplete (did not contain how long to cook, etc). I have included photos of these so that they could see what I was not including and we can have fun trying to fill in the missing parts (if this was a recipe that we really wanted to try). I really hope that these recipes stay available for years to come for my girls to use when they are older and have their own families.

Finding the Free Books
12 Classics with Bad Reviews
Books with Antonyms in Titles
Books set in High School
Books published in 1966
Books that won Pulitzer Prizes

35 Science Experiments

50 Free Genealogy Sites

And really important: My friend is having an event where kids can help her write a story about a bag that she uses to carry her stuff for writing: Write the Bag. Check it out and let your kids participate.
October was where did the bag come from what is it's origin. November (this month) is did it ever celebrate Thanksgiving!

And we have been fostering a cat. His name is Bill, but we call him Bill the Cat. He is a good fit for the family. He has some issues that come from his beginning and having to be in a kennel off and on for the past 2 years. We are talking about keeping him for the rest of his life (furever). He has been wearing a very big smile.

Also, a really good idea for Christmas Eve. In the past 2 years, on Christmas Eve, we would make a 3 Musketeers Candy Bar Hot Chocolate and watch a Christmas Movie. Recently on FB I saw a picture that suggests giving the child (ren) a box with new pjs, a Christmas movie, popcorn or other movie style snack and hot chocolate. I asked girls if they would like that, so I will get them all new pjs, we will continue to watch our movie, make popcorn (hot air popper is wonderful) and make our special hot chocolate.

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