11 October 2015

74 Days to Christmas

Wow, Christmas is coming soon. I am always shocked at how long it is until Christmas at this time of year, but this time it just seems so much closer than ever. My girls are so excited over Halloween and have been to one party already this year. They went as "Dr. Horrible" and a "Grim Reaper." They were so cute. We are going to a "Trunk or Treat" at a church we attend and where we have some friends.

I am saving so many different things to make or cook or use for lessons with the kids.


My mom didn't know how to cook when she married my dad and so she learned and she kept recipes in a box and all over the place. She would save them from friends, from relatives (mostly my dad's family) and all kinds of places. She would copy them onto recipe cards, after her 1st computer, she would type them and have nice sheets of paper. But sometimes her recipes would be missing things, like a name or where she got it from or even directions on how to make it. But there were some that we would ask her for copies of because we liked them and would want to make them at our homes for our children and husbands. So I created a blog to save the recipes so my sisters and brother can get at them. It is simply My Mom's Recipe Box. If someone knows who gets correct credit for a recipe, please share in comments and I will definitely do that. You will notice that I have entries where I have the name of the recipe and a link to that and who or where it can be located.

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