21 February 2015

More patterns, more sites to share

I just love how FB sharing shows more things that I want to make and lifetime would never be enough. But I know that I will probably make some of these things at some point.

10 Truths about Prayer Shawls

Moogly Blog Butterfly Links
Mermaid Lapghan I have 3 girls, I am sure at some point they will all want one.
Moogly Blog Curtains - there is one that I really want to make.
84 Beautiful Free Crochet Pattern Links
10 Free Crochet Patterns for Cats - I need to make some baskets/beds for my cats.
Cat Cave - I have the yarn, just need to make about 5 or 6! I only have 3 cats, but I have to put them in every room. This is from Lion Brand, so sign in before you click link.
2 square afghan - It calls itself an afghan, but it is 2 joined squares and you go around until you get to size you want.
Baby Booties - frog like look
Kaleidoscope Mandala

Easter Bunny Racer - Going to make these with the kids for Easter!
Starbucks Lemon Loaf
Crock Pot Cashew Chicken

9 Books To Drop Everything and Read  (some are a re-read).

Day Trips (or Field Trips)
14 Best KY Day Trips

Fraction War

Making a Simple Weather Barometer with a balloon, a jar, tape and a straw

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