05 February 2015

Don't Rush

I was watching a little of the 700 Club one morning while I was putting away clothes and getting a shower. My husband had turned on the news and fallen asleep and this followed the news. It is a pretty good show. It has some inspirational stories, but this morning, I was shocked that there was a woman saying that women should hurry up and get married and have children while they are in their 20's as that is when their eggs are the best and they will have the best children. This didn't sit well with me as I didn't find and marry my husband until I was 33. I didn't start having babies until I was 34. Granted I lost 2 babies before the birth of my first girl, but the girls were beautiful and they are very smart. My girls are my joy. But I think what is the most important, if I had married someone I met in my 20's, it would not have been the man I was to spend the rest of my life with. God has someone in mind for all of us, but when we rush to get into a relationship with the wrong person, that relationship doesn't always work. I look at the relationships of some I know who got married in their 20's and had children. Not all of these relationships worked. The men were not very nice and they were mean to their wives and didn't cherish the beautiful children they brought into the world. I don't think women should be scared into getting married fast, just so they can have children while they are in their 20's. I feel that people should ask God to help them find the person they are to be with for the rest of their lives. If God says, "Wait," then wait, because He has someone great out there for you.

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