04 January 2015


When my girls were little, I would have to buy identical gifts for them, the only difference being, colors. The reason I had to do this was because they were so territorial over toys and clothing. They still are quite territorial. They want different toys and games and clothes, now, but they still will take each others toys and things. Then I get to hear the MINE fights. and leave MY stuff alone and WHO Said YOU could Touch MY things. I often wonder when they will stop fighting, but then I realize that they do tend to share what they have and they do tend to be way nicer to each other. But what is interesting is that when they start saying, "mine" they then begin to say, "Mine, mine, mine, mine." It reminds me of the birds on "Finding Nemo." But they are just playing at it when they do this, rather than when they say, "WHY DID YOU TOUCH MY THINGS!" I would rather hear the, "Mine" repeated constantly.

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