31 January 2014

More From FB page, Things Happening, Things to Save and FO's

I noticed that I save a lot to my FB page, so I really need to clean it off again so I can find a recipe to make with my kids (and also so I can access the list of ingredients in the store). If I save a recipe here and I don't credit, it is because I don't know who to credit. I try to link, rather than post the recipe, but when I cannot find the link, I will post. If you know who the recipe belongs to, please share in comments and I will give proper credit.

I would also like to announce that if you are on Ravelry, there is a new group. It is called Dawn's Light at UBC. It is local group for Lebanon, OH and they meet the 2nd Saturday of every month. Come and check the group out at: Ravelry: Dawn's Light at UBC

The Lebanon Symphony Orchestra is having a Cookie Concert in February, here is some of the information. Come out and check it out.

I did make Cinnamon Roll Waffles with the girls on Saturday. They loved them. It was very simple. Take your waffle iron and cinnamon rolls and place a roll in the iron and cook (very quickly) and add the icing.

 I have made the Crock Pot Potato Soup for the family. I did make some changes, because of allergies, but the girls loved it!

There was a statement that I saw posted to FB, that said that, crafters only make 7 things a year. Wow that number is low! Just for the month of January, my number is higher than that. Wonder how many you make for the year?

I have also been trying to make things for gifts. I have made many Crochet Flower Hot Pads. They are so quick and simple and you can make them very colorful.
Blogger is not letting post pics right now. I will try again after this posts and maybe just do one of pics. You can come back to this post for the links to find the patterns.

I have also finished many Winter Slouch Hats. Many colors and yarns. Love making this hat. It is so very simple and only takes a few hours.

I have also made many scarves. They are called stash busting scarves. You pick out three different colors and styles of yarns and you knit until one is gone and then you can add in another or finish if it is long enough.

I have also made a Swiffer Cover. I made one for me and decided that it would be good for gifts also. It works great and my girls love it.

Now is the time to add from FB so that I can find these things later:

Floral Heart Motif
Moogly Crochet Appliques
Valentine's Day Crochet Patterns
Forever Blooming Flowers
Sweater Mittens How To
How To Make a Sock Snake
In Love with Color Throw
Primrose Square comes with written as well as chart
Moogly Moroccan Slouch Hat
Foliage Hat
Happy Heart Afghan Pattern
Moogly Hookin' on Hump Day #63 It had a really cute hat pattern
Moogly Unicorn Patterns
Colour Rush Blanket
Moogly Block #2 in Afghan CAL
Moogly Block #1 in Afghan CAL - now has a tutorial
Cross Stitch Square
Faux Cable Gloves Crocheted You Tubed
Mr. Claus Pot holder
Little Hearts Tutorial
Cross Stitch Scarf Crochet
Pink Pony Hat

POTATO PUFFS - think I am going to make this next week. I need to buy some potatoes.

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