23 December 2011

The Kids Christmas Party

On Thursday (22 December) we had arranged for the kids (mine and friends) could get together for the first time in a long time. They were able to visit with each other and we gave them their gifts. My friend and I had been working very hard to give all the children a few nice knitted items to let them know how special they are to us. The kids were so cute. They loved their items! The girls wore their purses or scarves or in one case, all of their wearable items. My girls came home and put their things away or played with them. The snitches and wands were a hit. I told the moms and grandmas how to disable the wands, should things get too out of hand. They love that. I told them care instructions on hats and scarves, etc. Some things were made with acrylic yarns and will wash like a dream, but some things (i.e. hats) were made with wool and need special care, but I know they will do it. So much fun had by all. The kids were good, too. It became a real party and the staff at our local Big Boy were so great. We had one waitress and she took care of the whole party and everyone had a nice meal. So much fun!

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