24 March 2015

More from FB - Middle of March

More things, but starting with homeschool.

5th grade Reading - Goodreads
6th grade Reading  - Goodreads
7th grade Reading - Goodreads
Christian Homeschool Educators of OH
Homeschool Notification
Academic Assessment - End of Year Report
100 Useful Videos on YouTube
18 Righteous Holocaust Rescuers
100 Writing Prompts
10 Candy Experiments
Story Starters
US States Game
US State Capital Game
Using Library for Curriculum
Grave Warning - from 124 yrs ago.
College Class on Constitution - free
40 free educational websites
Growing Crystals

Cat Lover Patterns from Moogly
Easter Hat Links
Easter Bunny
Spring Cleaning
Sweet Bunnies
Rainbow Unicorn Pattern
The Crochet Crowd - links to challenges and patterns
Not your normal baby blanket
50 Blanket Patterns
Chromium Star Blanket
Lotus Baby Blanket
Cute Cat

Book Lists:
29 Books with Female Protagonists
22 Books that Inspire Getaways
Tournament of Books
50 Novels about Madness
10 Irish Novels
10 New WWII books
17 Writers on Importance of Reading

Outdoor Activities:
15 Epic Hiking Spots in OH
Loose Dog Capture

Homemade Pizza - dough
1 hr Cinnamon Rolls
Microwave Popcorn
No Bake Breakfast Bars

Just for Fun:
April Fool's Day Pranks
50 free/cheap things to do in Cinti, OH
Ideas to put into eggs for egg hunt

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