23 December 2012


I have been pretty busy. Life as we know it has school....helping in classrooms. Illnes (kids get it bring it home and then I get it). Then caring for the animals. I am constantly chasing the newest cat....
Prince Naveen Dingleberry Doofus Rotten Houdini the Second, he escapes and because of where we live he could easily be hit by a car, then we have the dog who takes opportunities to run also and then we chase her. My washing machine broke (only had it for about 2 1/2 years). Very frustrating. So we decided to find out what our friends had and what they liked or didn't like on their washers. We are now using a front loader. I also made many, many things over the past few months.
The biggest quantity items were candy corn gift bags. I made these for youngest DD's class.
I made Minikins for my oldest DD's class. I need to start working on my middle DD's class item for Valentine's Day. As I was going over my reading for the year, I found 2 blogs that are hosting two different reading challenges. The first is for reading about "men in uniform" and that can be any uniform....military, police or fire. The other is and A-Z Reading Challenge. It suggested that you make a list of books that you want to read that start with the letter in question. For example, A - A Funny Thing Happened the Other Day. I am thinking of posting my list of what I want to read that fits the list and then adjusting as I go along should I find something I want to read from a library (real book) vs. an ebook. Which brings up the issue of problems with my Kindle. I have an older version and the battery is not holding charges and they say that my warranty ran out. That made me upset because most places send you a note when your warranty is out and then you renew. They said that was not available with the Kindle....reason? Because that Kindle is not being made any longer. Frustration. I will be complaining in the morning to the people who did the warranty. Oh well. Have a nice Christmas. If you are interested in the A-Z Reading list it can be found at http://www.escapewithdollycas.com/category/challenges-2/a-z-reading-challenge/ The other let me put a link on the side of my page (I will check to see if it works as soon as I post).

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