24 May 2011

Another storm and another project

We have been hit with a lot of rain and a lot of storms over the last several weeks. Yesterday, the storms were so bad that they put out tornado warnings with the storms. We kept the kids up so that we could move them quickly if we had to. But once the worst had passed us by, to bed to bed sleepy heads...

I am also working on a prayer blanket for a friend of mine. She had many tests and they tried to biopsy the area without success and now she has to have surgery to see if there is cancer. She is scared (her youngest is 1 year old) and she is a single mom. So I went in search of her favorite color (red) and couldn't find what I wanted for her in yarn. So I went for the next best thought: felt blankets. A two sided blanket (two colors) with tied ends. I also picked up some decorations for it (faces of the sort you see on the poster "how do you feel").

Please pray for my friend (P.M.) that this is nothing more than an inconvience and not cancer.

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